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explore further later on today. in the case of cancer, i think each case of cancer is dealt with on its own merits. each one would have a particular set of circumstances. whether somebody has had cancer before, in remission, got pregnant again -- you deal with each situation as it arises. you find the most appropriate treatment for the patient at the time. in terms of the assessment of risk, emergency or nonemergency situation, it is my understanding that what the institute has suggested is that there should be to obstetricians involved -- two obstetricians involved as to whether the patient requires to have their pregnancy interrupted. plus the expertise of the appropriate specialty if it is a mental health issue.
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>> suicide between 2009-2011, two women took their lead during pregnancy and i don't think we can never answer truthfully whether in these cases termination of pregnancy would have saved those lives. we are never dealing with absolute certainty is. i believe as a doctor that we cannot dismiss it and when a woman feels she is going to take her life during pregnancy, she needs to be treated in totality and not saying that termination cures a suicidal tendencies. we must not dismiss it and i must be guided by our expert colleagues in the air is a psychiatrist.
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i agree that there are many different types of cancer and there will be different risks and chances of recurrence. we must be guided by oncology and their colleagues in this regard. in terms of the whole issue of legislation, i still contend that abortion in this country is a criminal offense. it remains a criminal offense. in regards to regulation, i believe there will always be, where we have the opportunity, to terminate a pregnancy. i agree where initial expertise -- additional expertise is required, one other doctor who is an expert in that field should be involved in the
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decisionmaking process. i don't believe any doctor wants to make these decisions on their own. it is our practice medicine, to get as much opinion as possible and we very much practice this and this is no concept to work together as a team and see each other's opinion. these decisions should not be made in isolation. just to sum up -- we just want to do our job and the legally upright -- protected to do so. >> show respect to the chair and the witnesses. >> sorry, i don't want to delay the meeting -- thank you for afforded me the opportunity. in relation to the legislation, what changes do you think legislation should engender in
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current medical practice in your opinion? should legislate for any particular changes? the second question -- if the law is repealed, should there be some protection there or duty of care to the unborn in any new legislation that would repeal the current law? >> the legal team will address you tomorrow but in relation to protection of the unborn, when a woman dies before her baby is viable, the baby will die, too. the context of equal rights in that case becomes a contradiction. i believe we need to look at taking out the criminality surrounding termination of pregnancy in this country particular when it pertains to saving a woman's life.
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this is not about legislating for broad termination of pregnancy. this is about protecting doctors to save women's lives. >> as we have reached the end of -- the end of the session, may i ask if anyone is to make a final statement. ok, -- salary -- -- sorry, i want to thank members for their protests are patient and coming this morning to our presentation. i would remind members that we stand suspended until 1445 and of members could return promptly at 1445. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> this week on prime minister's questions, david cameron discusses his government's
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position on britain's role in the european union and a helicopter crash in central london that killed two and injured 30. that is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific time on c- span. next, chelsea clinton, president obama, and vice president joe biden taking part in national day of service events and live it 7:00 a.m., your calls and comments on "road to the white house." calle"washington journa" >> this weekend, the 57 presidential inauguration as president obama begins his second term, today, the official swearing-in ceremony at the white house lied before noon eastern. our coverage include your phone calls and a look back at his 2009 inaugural address at 10:30 eastern. then monday, the public
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ceremonies at the u.s. capitol and other inaugural festivities including the capitol luncheon and the afternoon parade, live all day coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern on cspan, cspan radio, and and join the conversation. >> saturday was a national day of service to honor the service and legacy of martin luther king jr. parade when the event took place at the national mall in washington, d.c. headlined by chelsea clinton, the honorary chair of the 2013 day of service and joining her was bo biden, delaware attorney general and some of the vice president and eva longoria. >> are you ready to kick off this day of doing a lot of good?
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i will be your and see today. -- i will be your emcee today. let's have a huge national day of service welcome to the woman who was the co-chairman of the reelection campaign, and she is currently serving as the co- chair for the inauguration committee, let's hear it for eva longoria. [applause] [applause] >> good morning. i am so excited to be here. it is so inspiring to see so many of you come out for this national day of service and give back to your community. a lot of the know -- >> a lot of you know, i grew up in corpus christi, texas. and i grew up in a family of volunteers and a family and community of people who wanted
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to give back. my three sisters and i were very blessed to have a great role models, which were my parents, who dedicated their lives to serving the others. i mother was a special- education teacher. [cheers] yeah, teachers. my dad worked on the army base. my parents were crystal clear about what they wanted for us and that was an education. so a lot of what we did to give back was in the educational arena. i love that president obama house the same values. -- has the same values. he knows that, for our nation, and education cannot be a luxury. it will strengthen the middle- class and strengthen the work force that will keep us innovative. and in a global market. he knows giving the students tools is the best way to give back.
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if you're thinking about how you can search or how you can follow the president's example to honor this national day of service, start with this. make a difference in one child's life. mentor a student. donate a book to a library, donate supplies to a school. i am here because i have someone looking out for me. volunteer at an after-school program or teach adults who never want to stop learning. i'm telling you how important my education was. someone was pushing me to succeed. but i want to make sure the next generation has that as well. so last year, when i launched the eva longoria foundation, i focused on helping advance latinas in education. a belief that america should be a place where hard work pays off, where ambition can create opportunity, and, no matter
6:11 am
where at you look like or where you come from or what your last name is, you can make it if you try. [cheers and applause] by's start this new year achieving america's promise. -- by renewing america's promise. we will go back to our schools and students and we will serve our community. and you will be serving your country when you serve your community. and is to make the dream of a good education a reality, it will enrich your life as well. it is my honor not to introduce -- it is my honor now to introduce someone who has giving back in her dna, the national chair of this national day of service -- chelsea clinton. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> good morning everybody. thank you, eva. to want to echo what eva said and say how wonderful it is to see everybody in this room. this day in particular has a lot of personal meaning for me. i am proud of my parents for countless reasons. [cheers and applause] i am glad you feel the same way. but one of the reasons i am particularly proud of my father today is that, 19 years ago, he signed that made martin luther service. [cheers and applause] and when he signed the bill, he reminded us of what dr. king often called life's most persistent and urgent question -- what are you doing for others? and in my family, the only
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wrong answer to that question is nothing. but there are as many right answers as there are people in this tent today and people in our country. eva spoke about how her parents inspired her. my parents certainly inspire me every day. but today, when i engaged in a service project with my husband mark, i will be thinking about my grandmother dorothy who started giving back when she was a child. she volunteered in her local school, helping to tutor migrant workers, farm children in southern california, in reading in english and writing. as she got older and had her own children, she provided school trips. she always wanted to cook an extra lunch for someone whose parents could not provide that for them. when she got older still, her children, including my mom, had left the hall.
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she became a big sister to mentor young girls like her who had been neglected and abused as a child. when she got older still and she could not do that any longer, she would knit clothing to donate to her local church. and then when she got older still and she could no longer in it, she gave with money she could to support the big sisters and big brother program and to help still ensure that little girls like her would have people who had believed in them, just what she had summit people who believe in her because she always believed that every child who had been neglected to grow up and be a mother, to have a home full of love and support so their children, like my mother, could have dreams that reached the sky. and that is the chain of service in our country and i am deeply grateful to the inspiring example of my grandmother and my parents and i am so grateful to see some much enthusiasm in this room today.
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and i hope that today will be either the only most recent date of service in so many of your lives, particularly with so many of the children in the tent today, your first day of service. we are all the more stronger for it and it is so much more fun when we all work together. it is my great honor and privilege to ask beau biden to the stage. have fun today, everybody. thank you. ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for leading the support and effort here in this inaugural weekend. thank you for your leadership here and think the most -- thank you most importantly to you all out here on this chilly saturday morning. your dedication is inspiration to me and my family. this event, the national day of service, is a wonderful way to honor, as chesley just
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eloquently and noted, the legacy of dr. king. but it is also a reminder that our veterans of our nation, every day is a big service for them and every day's a day of sacrifice. today, in my career in the military, i have had the honor of serving with two heroes whose service and sacrifice i have seen up close and personal. as of yesterday, we remember today the 6572 brave men and women in uniform who paid the ultimate sacrifice. [applause] returning home as fallen angels in my state and delaware.
6:17 am
as you look around this magnetism all, you will see -- magnificent mall, you will see memorials to that service, memorial honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. but there are fewer monuments to the thousands of selfless acts of service and sacrifice performed every day around this country and the world by our servicemen and women. whether a is a 17-year-old boy reporting for basic training after begging his mom to sign a waiver to allow him to join or to national guardsmen who leaves his hall and his family as the storm approaches to go fill sandbags to protect another person's home, whether it be in a hurricane or super storm sandy. you can clap for that. that is right. [applause]
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the servicemen and women and the veterans and their families were here with us this morning are living monuments to that service. their commitment to serve, their willingness to volunteer should be inspiration and is an inspiration to me and it should be to you and i know it is. in spite of all the talk of how divided we are as a nation, how we are as a country, more and more americans are coming together to serve each other every day. five-year high. in 2011, americans spent 8 billion hours giving back to their communities, enough hours to build the entire state building more than a thousand times over. [cheers and applause] you represent that. you're organizing food drives, mentoring children from the building playgrounds and so much more.
6:19 am
when i look out and see you all and the kids here today, your service is having an even greater impact because you're in selling what my wife and i and brother and sister-in-law and my sister and brother-in-law are trying to do with our kids, instilling that had a service, making it second nature to but others first as chelsea's parents taught her. so my request to you today is to take advantage of the hundred plus organizations in this tent and on the small around this city that are out there to see if there is one where their mission matches your passion and consider serving our veterans as a small way of repaying the service that they have given to us. -- help us show that the strength of our example as an example of our strength.
6:20 am
plug in to do all they can to strengthen our nation. [cheers and applause] in just a couple of days my pop and the president will stand up to pledged to do all they can to strengthen our nation. [applause] today, we can all and hand and do the same. and in doing so, we are working to make our great country worthy of our veterans service and their sacrifice. thank you and god bless our troops. [cheers and applause] >> hi, what's your name?
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[inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> >> the president and first lady or at an elementary school in washington, d.c. where they participated in a community service project. afterwards they spoke about the importance of volunteering. >> that was a good one.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [cheers and applause]
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>> hello, everybody. hello, hello, hello. [applause] [applause] this is a good looking crew here. first of all, we want to acknowledge the elementary school and the principal here who is doing outstanding work. [applause] you may think she is a student at no, she is the principal. as a look around the room, i see friends from all across the
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country, people who have been such great supporters of ours. more importantly, everybody here, adults and children understand the importance of giving back. as we think about, not so much about the inauguration, but the fact this is doctor king's birthday we will be celebrating, this weekend. i'm always reminded that he said everybody wants to be first, everybody wants to be a drum major, but if you are going to be a drum major, be a drum major for service, be a drum major for justice, the a drum major for looking out for other people. [applause] organizations like city year, the corporation for national
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service, all the great work that is being done day in, day out shows there is a huge thunder on the part of young people to get involved in to get to engage. it was interesting -- we were talking to one of that young people, i was stating a shelf -- michelle does -- says i did a fine job. i was sustaining a shelf. -- i was sustaining a shelf. i was talking to them and they said our parents, every holiday we would always do service and so i was taught at a very young age. the fact we have some outstanding young people here today, i want to say thank you to the parents for showing early on and to all of our young people how gratifying and fulfilling this is. this is really what america is about.
6:29 am
this is what we celebrate. this inauguration, it is a symbol of our democracy works and how we peacefully transfer power, but it should also be an affirmation we are in this together and we have to look out for each other and work hard on behalf of each other. here. we are -- we hope you're having [applause] i hear reports that he and people did some good work and some of the older folks like me, who it hurts getting our knees, bending down a little bit, we were able to manage also. and somehow michelle looked stylish the whole time she was doing it. >> i know we have a lot of family members in the audience.
6:30 am
we always force our family, when they do something really cool, they have to serve than they do it happily. i am proud for our families for always being there for us. we love you guys. as brock said, this is a weekend of celebration. we have to remember that the reason why we are here, why we are standing here, why we are able to celebrate this because a lot of people worked hard and supported us. and we have a job to do. this is a symbol of the kind of work we need to be doing for the next four years and beyond. [crash] that was the press. it is ok. i hope he did not break it. for all of the young people, and we have all lot of young people, city year members, this to be [applause]
6:31 am
[applause] beset the school, as barack says, we are passing the baton to you. as you making your way through life, who are you pulling up behind you? as long as you are pulling somebody behind you, you are doing the right thing. we are very proud of the land we are going to come down and shake[cheers and applause] >> joe biden and jill biden participated at the d.c. armory. they helped pack kits for wounded warriors and first responders. the vice president also spoke to those who turned out to help. how are you? nice to see you.
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♪ [inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> have you got a camera? >> thank you. thanks for your service. >> one more. thank you. >> thanks for volunteering. thank you for volunteering. >> how are you? we've got one more. >> there you go.
6:37 am
you are good. >> how are you? >> thank you for serving. >> how are you? you are organized. how are you? >> thank you for serving.
6:38 am
♪ ♪ >> how are you? ♪ >> 1, 2, 3 -- [applause] >> i'm joe biden. i am the father of two great sons. one is about to be sworn in as an officer of the united states
6:39 am
navy. i will introduce you to the whole family. [applause] my daughter, who is a social worker. and my daughter in law on the left. my number three granddaughter, 9 number two granddaughter, nine no. 4 granddaughter -- my number two granddaughters, my no. 4 granddaughter, my oldest granddaughter who is a freshman in college now, naomi. and my third son.
6:40 am
i told my daughter when she married, if you change your mind, i'm keeping him. [laughter] i'm very proud of them although i would be happy to claim as my daughter -- this is a family affair. kids, grandkids, moms, dads. you all get it. you get what it is so important today. we still have 68,000 troops in harm's way in some of the most godforsaken territory in the world. one of the things that you all know -- they are not looking for anything.
6:41 am
but knowing that you remember. that we back home remember, we know what is going on. this is an important piece of the equation. another important piece as they started the organization, their families, -- [indiscernible] are 1% of the american public fighting these wars. fighting these two wars. 99% of the nation owes them a debt of acknowledgement. there is a great phrase from the poet keats.
6:42 am
thank you to those who serve. thank god we ended one in iraq and we are ending the second one as well. 99% of the nation owes them a debt for what they are doing. there is a great phrase from keats. to the mothers and fathers, husbands, wives, children, we say thank you. you are serving as well. this is bigger than our veterans -- this is a day of service. i got started in politics buti am a little older than everybody else up here. dr. king was one of my heroes. he was assassinated --he viewed -- he has gotten bigger and bigger as the years go by, this notion of service. there's a great quote --whatever affects one directly affects the other. that is what you are doing
6:43 am
today. you are it knowledge in that today. -- acknowledging that today. we have to move back to reaching out to people. that is what you are all about. this is like preaching to the choir, i know, but we want to thank you. dr. king said --the measure success by what all men and women can achieve. i think the country is on the cusp of doing some great things. one of the guys i admire greatly, president bush -- he said we have within our reach the promise of a renewed america.
6:44 am
we can buy meaning finding some -- we can find meaning and reward in higher purpose than ourselves. what this country is all about as possibilities. the possibilities are immense. i want to thank you for believing as deeply as i do and my family does about the possibility. i'm confident we will do just that. thank you for what you are doing. god bless you. and may god protect our troops. [applause] >> first lady michelle obama and jill biden hosting a kids' inagural ball for children of men and women serving in the military. the event continues a tradition
6:45 am
begun in 2009,to honor and celebrate the service and sacrifice of the military as part of the official inaugural activities. the first lady's book to the audience at the washington convention center. -- spoke to the audience at the washington convention center. >> good evening. i am a fourth grade student in newport news, virginia. my mother is in the navy. i am honored to introduce this evening dr. jill biden, the second lady of the united [applause] dr. biden is married to the vice-president, joe biden. had she is a mother and a grandmother. -- she is a mother and grandmotherand she is a great teacher, too. she teaches english at a
6:46 am
community college in northern virginia. she is a strong supporter of military families, along with the first lady, michelle obama, dr. biden started encouraging us to support military families like mine terry ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, clique welcome the second lady of the united states, dr. jill biden -- like mine. [applause] [applause] jill biden. [applause] >> hello everyone. thank you for that wonderful introduction. i am so proud of him and i know you brought some other kids from lee hall elementary. it is so good to see all of you. [applause]
6:47 am
i want to thank your mom and their whole family for their service to our country. wonderful to see you. thank you for your service and all that you continue to do for our military families. the first lady and i are so excited to be here with all these military kids. i want to give a special welcome to some very brave kid from the delaware army national guard, of 183rd military police company. -- 153rd military company. [applause] a few weeks ago, i was with them when their mom's or dad's were deployed to afghanistan. i want you all to know that we are so proud of you. we will be here for you when
6:48 am
your moms and dads are away. the first lady and i knew from the start that we wanted to celebrate the strength and -- families. that is why we started joining forces, our efforts to join americans to find ways to honor in support our troops, veterans, and military families. in joining forces is especially important to me because i know something about being a military mom. our son beau is a major in the delaware army national guard. he was a iraq. -- he was deployed to iraq for one year. he has two children, so i know first hand just how important it is for a top to have everyone support --their friends, their teachers, and
6:49 am
their entire communities when mom or dad is away. we want tonight to be one special when that our country shows all of you just how much we appreciate everything you are doing for our country. and we're so excited to be here with you tonight, here with everyone. now i would like to introduce someone else who is so proud of you and excited to be here. she has been working so hard for military families. please welcome my great friend and partner, first lady michelle obama. [applause] [applause]
6:50 am
>> wow. thank you so much. thank you, -- thank you, jill. a big hand for jill, my partner how is everybody doing? how are you having fun? are you excited to be here for the inauguration? [applause] we are excited he could join us tonight here in washington and from all across the country and around the world by video. we have kids from fort hood that are here. we have folks who have joined us from her joined based pearl harbor. we have folks from patterson air force base. we have folks from camp pendleton here with us.
6:51 am
and we've got coast guard air station clearwater here as well. [applause] in the wonderful kids from naval air station to lead the pledge of allegiance -- who lead the pledge of allegiance. [applause] we have some very special guests here as well. your parents. so let's give them a round of applause. we beamed them in, they're right there. wave to 'em! they can see you. [applause] inauguration is a pretty big deal. the president and the vice- president are sworn in. there all these inagural balls. we had a wonderful day of service today. and hundreds of thousands of people come from all 50 states to join in the celebration.
6:52 am
i loved every single minute of it. but my very favorite part of this entire weekend is being right here with all of you. [applause] because for me, this is what inauguration is all about. it is about celebrating who we are as americans and all the things that make this country so great. when i think about who we are, of what makes america great, i think about all of you. our men and women in lloyd --, uniform, our military spouses and our amazing military kids. this event. we are not the only ones that wanted to pay tribute to all of you today. when we said we wanted to host a concert to honor our military kids, everyone wanted to be here.
6:53 am
usher wanted to be here. [applause] katy perry one to be here. [applause] nick cannon. [applause] the folks from "glee" and all the other amazing performers. they wanted to be here, too. they are not here for me. they are not here for dr. biden theory they are here for all of -- dr. biden. they are here for all of you agree they know the kind of sacrifices you make every day. aquino that a military to its contents -- did you know that a military kid attends 6-9 schools high school? just imagine the courage it takes to be the new kids, to walk through the doors of a new school every couple of years. to have to make new friends again and again.
6:54 am
did you know our men and women in uniform often have to be away from their families for months, sometimes years. think about the level of maturity required for military kids during those times. think about how they have to step up at home without even being asked. taking out the trash when that is not there, helping brothers and sisters with their homework when mom is a way. and about how hard it is for military kids to be apart from the people they love most. how they missed their moms and dads every day and would do anything to have them back home. that's just a glimpse of what it means to be a military kid. it means always thinking about things that are so much bigger than yourself. it means growing up just a little faster and working just a little harder than other kids.
6:55 am
and it means doing the greatest thing you can ever do with your life at such a young age, and that is to serve our country. kits,america's military make no mistake about it, you are an important part of the greatest military on earth. [applause] by supporting your families, you are helping to protect this country and keep every single one of us safe. you are doing that. incredibly proud of you all. every day we are proud of you. our husbands are proud. the vice-president, the president, they are proud of you. in the coming years as these wars are drawn to an end and we draw down our troops, i want you to know, you and your families, that we will not be
6:56 am
drawing down our work to support you. we will be doing just opposite. because the fact is that today, we have a greater obligation to serve you than ever c4. -- ever before andwe will do everything in our power to meet that obligation, to make sure our military families get the benefit they have burnt -- they have earned. in the coming months and years through joining forces, dr. biden and i, we will keep calling on americans to translate the love and pride that we all feel into action that makes a real difference for you and your families. every single one of us has a role to play here. i encourage everyone watching tonight to go to
6:57 am and find out how you can give back to a military family. we cannot rest for be satisfied until we are serving all of you as well as yet served this country. -- as well as you serve to this country. you all deserve nothing less. and with that, there is someone else here tonight who would like to show her appreciation for you all. she is our final performer for this evening. should we bring her out? are you ready? [applause] are you really ready? [applause] then it is my pleasure to introduce the fabulous katy perry! [applause]
6:58 am
>> she was just one of the singers at the kids inaugural concert. the concert is part of the ongoing work of the first lady and jill biden joining forces and is it to honor and support military families. >> next, your calls and comments on "washington journal," then newsmakers." then the official swearing in at 10:30 and your phone calls. >> i, barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> today, the official swearing- in ceremony at the white house live shortly before noon eastern and our coverage include your phone calls and begin to look back at the president's 2009
6:59 am
inaugural address at 10:30 eastern and monday, the public inaugural ceremony with the swearing in at noon eastern at the u.s. capitol and other inaugural festivities including the capitol luncheon and the afternoon parade. live, all they coverage begins on c-span, cspan radio and c- and join the conversation on social media. >> throughout inauguration day, our website will have added features including video feeds from our cspan cruz, a video on demand and a visual blog page of behind-the-scenes photographs at this morning, we will preview the president's inauguration and look at some of the issues that will be

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